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A Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to the School of Physics & Astronomy Health & Safety website.

As Head of School one of my primary duties is to ensure the health and safety of everyone within the School of Physics & Astronomy. We are all responsible for our personal safety and for the safety of our colleagues, students and visitors. Everyone should:

  1. be aware of potential hazards and act to eliminate, manage or avoid them
  2. be familiar with our safety policies and guidelines
  3. observe safe working procedures.

The School Health & Safety team is ready to provide any advice, help or support that you may require. Remember, we can all contribute to making the School of Physics & Astronomy a safe working environment.


Professor Arthur Trew, Head of School


Current Health & Safety news below...

Important Telephone Numbers and Locations


Telephone 2222 (internal)
or 0131 650 2222 (external or mobile)

First Aid Rest/Recovery Room

JCMB room 2301

Eye Wash Stations

JCMB rooms 2108, 2204, 5206


Toilets off main entrance lobby (JCMB level 2)
Level 2 toilets between JCMB rooms 2300 & 2201
Gents opposite JCMB Room 4314
Ladies opposite JCMB Room 4212
CSEC on Level 2 (Access required)

To contact Security for non-emergency matters

Telephone 0131 650 2257 

  • Fire - what to do in the event of a fire
  • Accidents & Other Emergencies - what to do in the event of an accident or other emergency
  • Policy - University and local health & safety policy
  • Guidance - University and local health & safety guidance and advice
  • Risk Assessment - when and how to perform a risk assessment
  • Training - information about health & safety training courses
  • Contacts - who to contact about health & safety issues
  • Safety Committee - information about the School's health & safety committee
  • External Assessment - assessment reports carried out by external bodies
  • News - health & safety related news

Use the search box at the top of the page to search this wiki's pages and resources.

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