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  university of edinburgh

  free improvisation group

   "young and full of good taste"

edimpro is a large ensemble of accomplished international instrumentalists,
composers and improvisers based in Edinburgh with an impressive raft of
genre busting collaborations under their belt producing consistently
engaging and searching new music

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  1. Something new:. i feel a little reservation in commenting after missing so many sessions recently, but, for one we could look at previous recordings and consider editing to produce some finished pieces.

    i always feel a degree of resistance to pre composition in this group but i still feel an improv could be based on some kind of initial note set/scale concept.-think serialism, but not 12 tone, rather pitch collections that can be moved to and from perhaps in a cycle, and with different players choosing different sets-type of thing if you know what i mean


    1. Actually Richard, I would be really interested to try and build in the note set or scale concept, or even thematic idea you've mentioned before. Do you want to bring something along and lead a rehearsal with this?

      Best, Michael

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